Meet the Suitors

Each with unique stories and personalities.
Learn who they are, influence their choices, and maybe they'll start to feel something special towards you, too.

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Meet Luna Ashfall

The main character behind your story.
The average art student turned potential felon's accomplice.

Raised by her father, Orvis Ashfall, in the Myvian Cynosure, Luna lived an ordinary, human life—until she received a message that her father was arrested. Suspected of implanting malware within robots, or 'bots', as they are called, Orvis's suspected sentence is execution for national treason.
As an unsuspecting young adult, Luna must navigate world governments, rebels, and fringe parties to find the truth behind her father's research. Navigate her story, build relationships with bots as you decide how to navigate the rebels and the government, and discover the meaning of existence and love as you grow close with a bot.
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Unique Game Mechanics

Over 40 endings. 5 main chapters. Side Stories to learn more about each suitor.

Explore a new world

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A Visual Novel with Branching Choices

Artificia is a visual novel game that includes dating sim elements and branching storylines, both of which will lead the player to one of over 40 endings. Featuring authentic characters and writing, soundscapes that will bring you into every environment, and lovingly crafted pixel art graphics, Artificia is KoiDev’s first video game!

Unique Side Stories

Each chapter includes a side story for each suitor, where you get to learn more about the lives of each suitor.
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Indie Pixel Art Aesthetic

With a lovingly hand-crafted pixel art aesthetic, Artificia brings a unique art aesthetic to the visual novel genre!

Immersive Soundscapes

Artificia includes immersive soundscapes recorded using professional audio equipment. When you play the game, you'll feel like you're really in the environment--from the ever-present buzz in Mensonia City, to the haunting windy passages of the underground sewers!
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Relationships and Rebel Meters

Artificia measures your interactions on both a relationship-scale and a rebel affinity-scale. Both will influence which of 40+ endings you get.

Unlock Myvia's secrets

What did your father really want?
Are bots meant to be our equals?

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